Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Strategic Management for Businesses' by Dr. Sanjay Runwal

MDP program
MDP workshop participants with faculty Dr. Sanjay Runwal and chief guest Mr. Ramchandra Rao (MD - Indo Schottle)

What to expect from the Management Development Program (MDP)?

This is the only Management Development Program (MDP) in the country with a complete Strategy based curriculum designed by Dr. Sanjay Runwal for the top brass of the Organizations giving them the requisite ‘Strategic and Leadership Skills’. It may, in short be called a ‘Balanced Diet of Executive Learning in every aspect of Strategic Management’. The faculty conducting this MDP – Dr. Sanjay Runwal has a rare mix of Academics and Business Experience as he has a doctorate in Business Strategy and an MSc in Strategic Planning from the Edinburgh Business School, UK with over 38 years of business and professional experience. 

This MDP will equip the participants with ‘Application Oriented’ knowledge and skills in Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership to grow and transform their businesses successfully and maintain long term competitive advantage for their businesses. The individual take away from each session is highlighted below the Session Topics. The MDP will be spread over 2 days and will comprise of 8 Business Sessions.  

The MDP will be delivered in a Workshop Format and would be interactive in nature.


Session 1- Introductions and our Purpose Today (9.30 AM to 10.30 AM)

Post the ice breaking session you would get a preview of the upcoming sessions over the next 2 days of this MDP on ‘Strategic Management for Businesses’.

Session 2 – Strategic Leadership (10.45 AM to 12.45 PM)

As the top man of your organization you are required to develop yourself as a Strategic Leader and then develop leadership in your organization. You are therefore required to understand the essentials of strategic leadership so that you are able to build your leadership model around the culture and values of your organization.  

This session will help you in understanding about Strategic Leadership, Transformational Leadership and will help you in successfully engaging the hearts and minds of your team!

MDP Program
MDP session in progress

Session 3 - Strategic Planning (1.30 PM to 3.30 PM)

Post the pandemic every business all over the country is looking to realign its business model to remain ahead of competition and ensure higher profitability. Unless businesses start looking into the long term and start building distinct competitive advantage for themselves, it would be very difficult for them to sustain and grow. Proper Strategic Planning is the only way that would ensure the long term growth of your organization. We will therefore spend enough time in understanding the essential elements of Strategic Planning.  

As the key man in the organization, Strategic Planning is your fundamental responsibility and it is most imperative for you to understand this activity thoroughly.

Session 4 – Competitive Strategies and Developing Competitive Advantage (3.45 PM to 5.45 PM)

In an era of intense competition you and your team will be required to work on your Competitive Strategies and based on your strengths you will be required to develop distinct Competitive Advantage to generate higher sales and higher returns. This session will take you through the process of developing Competitive Advantage in your organization. 

At the end of this session you will have a clear understanding about building competitive advantage.

Day 2

Session 5–Executing Strategies (9.30 AM to 11.30 AM)

Executing Strategies is all about Strategy Implementation. The most outstanding strategies fail because of poor implementation. As the key man, you need to understand the mechanisms of strategy implementation and guide your team at every stage of the game. Smaller organizations lack this skill and therefore fail miserably in strategy implementation.  

This session will equip you with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to guide the implementation efforts. This awareness of yours about 'Making Strategies Work' will give your team a strong shot in the arm and increase their confidence in you as a solution provider.

MDP Program
MDP session in progress

Session 6 – Strategic Risk Management (11.45 AM to 1.45 PM)

Strategic risk management covers four primary risk areas. These are strategic risk, change or project risk, operational risk and unforeseeable risk. This session will take you through the various steps of dealing with risk. You as the head of your organization should be aware about various ways of tackling these risks.  

This session prepares you to handle all kinds of risks as the top man of the organization. Something so very important in times of strict regulations.

Session 7 - Dynamic Business Capabilities  (2.30 PM to 4.00 PM)

We now come to the penultimate session of this MDP which is meant to give you a flavour of the research topic of my doctoral studies. It is very essential to know about the capabilities which are transformational in nature and which are the other capabilities which together lead to sustainable competitive advantage. 

The two together will lead you to a clear first mover advantage in your field.

Session 8 – Concluding Session (4.15 PM to 5.30 PM)

After seven intense sessions of executive learning we now come to the final session. We will start this session with an open house with Faculty – Participant interactions, Participant – Participant interactions and finally the Participants expressing their views on the MDP.

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