Sustained Leadership Development (SLD) Program

I have seen in my own experience of over 38 years in business that is very hard to create real leadership abilities in our team members - who are able to lead by example and motivate others, are willing to participate actively in decision making and accept responsibilities, handle crisis situations calmly and lead teams without friction. The only solution to this is constant training and motivation.

I have therefore charted out a road map for developing leaders through training by using a Sequel of Executive Training Programs. This is the only way through which we can enhance the potential of our team and in turn build a lasting advantage for our organisations.

I have with my 8 years of experience as a Strategy and Leadership Consultant and a Management and Leadership Speaker developed a training process called Sustained Leadership Development (SLD) which works in a Three Tier mode.

It involves picking a broad based group (Group A) of promising members from your senior team and making them undergo the Tier I Training program (Half Day) – Leadership and Motivation at Workplace. These are the members who will be the change agents in the organisation.

After a period of 60 days from the Tier I training program you and your HR team will evaluate the performance of this group of members who attended the Tier I program and pick only those members (Group B) who have showed remarkable positive change during these 60 days. This deserving batch of executives will then attend the Tier II Training program (Full Day) – Developing Strategic Leadership Skills. These will be the people who will be ready to take up higher challenges and responsibilities in the organisation.

After 60 more days of the Tier II training program you and your HR team will again evaluate the performance of the Group B members and pick the most deserving of them and who will constitute Group C. These Group C members will then attend a two day Tier III program (Two Day) – Strategic Management for Organisational Growth and Success. These will be the people best equipped to take up very senior leadership positions in the organisation.

Through this Sustained Leadership Development (SLD) program organisations can create a steady bench strength of leaders who will be rearing to take up higher responsibilities and challenges and building sustainable competitive advantage for the organisation. The training format can be suitably modified to suit the specific requirements of the organisation.